About Rebecca Fraser-Thill


I facilitate the creation of energizing, meaningful, uber-engaging work...that pays the bills, to boot!

Whether teaching and advising students in the psychology department at Bates College, leading a campuswide Purposeful Work initiative, working 1-on-1 with private career coaching clients around the world, writing about meaningful work for venues including The Huffington Post and Life After College, or speaking to rooms full of people, my work is all about feeling like I'm never working - and helping others feel the same way.

I spent most of my twenties flailing about internally, "full of potential" with no way to channel my interests into paid work. I knew there had to be more out there than a career filled with bids for status and big paychecks and "you're doing so well" pats on the back from people we barely ever see in person. I just didn't know what it was.

So I aborted an Ivy League PhD and ran to the one true thing I knew - my love of the state of Maine - then began to construct a meaningful career, one tiny, hesitant, quivering block at a time.

Now I help to expedite, clarify, and empower others' process to where I landed.

I get to be the voice I was always searching for. The one that says, "You can find paying work by holding fast to who you are and to what genuinely invigorates you. There is legitimate information out there that supports what you're feeling and thinking. You can make a difference if you match the world's needs with the issues that resonate for you. "

To be clear, I'm not a flighty, candle-burning, manifestation-type of gal. Far from it. Psychology research guides everything I say and do, and I deeply believe its message that meaning, purpose and deep engagement are the only true routes to lasting life satisfaction.

I'll say this:  moving toward purposeful work is not easy and it's not always pleasurable. But it's real and it's satisfying and it's well worth fighting for.

So all those years I kept asking myself who makes money doing work that feels as natural as breathing?

Now I have an answer:  I do. And I'm savoring every minute of it.

Come join me.